Wednesday 17th October we sent THE GEOFF EVERETT BAND SPECIAL for the release of the latest album THE QUICK AND THE DEAD. Basil previewed the album in advance of it's official release and played as the very first presenter worldwide the whole album. There was an interview with Geoff Everett and 3 signed copies of THE QUICK AND THE DEAD was gave away to three lucky SchottenRadioListeners ;-)

Thank you dear Geoff Everett for this world radio exclusive.

GEOFF EVERETT: Hi all of you lovely people who tune in to Basil's great show on Schotten Radio!! I really enjoyed being a guest on Basil's show! Thanks to Basil for inviting me and interviewing me about my music life and career. It was great to be made welcome and have the opportunity to be heard by everyone who listens to his brilliant show.

Basil made me feel welcome and at ease and it was great to speak at length about the music business that I am involved in, interspersed with the tracks from my new album "The Quick And The Dead"

I have had great feedback and many very kind comments worldwide about The Geoff Everett Band album's special release show on Schotten Radio on the 18th October.

I hope everyone found the show as exciting as I did! If you would like to make any comments about the band and its music or you would like to buy the new album (it will be available in a few days, so keep checking!) then we would love you to visit our site:

Thank you again to Schotten Radio and Basil in particular!