Friday 7th December we sent THE KAT HEALY SPECIAL for the release of the latest album BE STILL GENTLE KIND by Kat Healy. Basil presented as the very first presenter worldwide the new album, there was an interview with Kat Healy and 3 signed copies of BE STILL GENTLE KIND was gave away to three lucky SchottenRadioListeners ;-) Thank you dear Kat Healy for this world radio exclusive.

KAT HEALY: "I want to say a huge thank you to Basil at Schottenradio for having me featured as a guest in December 2012. The entire experience was incredibly professional and hugely supportive from start to finish, and I was able to share my new album 'Be Still Gentle Kind' with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic and generous audience! It was a wonderful experience and I was delighted to be able to discuss my hopes and aspirations regarding my own work, as well as my thoughts about music and art in general.

It was a pleasure to chat with Basil throughout the show and I was made to feel very welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to interact with the listeners - world wide - via the Schottenradio 'live chat room' as this gave me the opportunity to discuss my songs, my writing and also to express my gratitude for the kind words that were being sent in via the live chat, and email, into the studio.

Shows like Schottenradio, and the hard work that goes into running them/hosting them, are vital to the music industry and help support many artists from around the world from a grass roots level up. Schottenradio offers artists the opportunity to connect with their peers, to share their stories with a new and exciting audience, and helps to generate a positive spirit around the online music community.

Schottenradio shows no prejudice; instead it aspires to help promote and support all kinds of new and interesting work that is being made from all over the world. It is a home from home, and their slogan 'Schottenradio Belongs to Me' means that everyone is welcome to be a part of it".