We would like to welcome Fiona McNeill to Schotten Radio as one of our presenters. We are very pleased to be presenting her successful radio show "Celtic and Folk Fusions" on SchottenRadio. So don't forget to tune in on Monday 5pm UK time for the premiere of Fiona McNeill's "Celtic and Folk Fusions" on SchottenRadio. We are sure you will love it!"

Fiona McNeill is certainly no stranger to a bit of Celtic and Folk madness, having been the guitarist in the hugely successful band Reely Jiggered since 2008, accompanied by sister and “Lean Mean Fiddlin’ Machine”, Alison and percussive cousin, Scott. So of course it is only natural that she offers a completely fresh and often unique take on the world of the genre in her Celtic and Folk Fusions show.

It’s a two hour adventure into a land of timeless traditional tunes and a bit of a modern twist that is sure to go down a treat. With the occasional guest passing through and Miss McNeill’s cracking sense of humour and charm, not to mention news on all of the latest and greatest groups and gigs, it is not to be missed!

FIONA MCNEILL: 'Thank you so much to Basil, to SchottenRadio and mostly to all the listeners for making me feel so welcome on this station. I had a great time and I know will continue to! Roll on two weeks time and two weeks after that and two weeks after that. . . ! Thanks again! See you all soon on SchottenRadio!!'