Brand new to the well loved SchottenRadio family is Marion McNeill with her show Celtic Classics. Marion hails from Scotland although her mother is from Hannover. We broadcasted on Saturday the 22nd June, 3pm UK time the premiere of Marion McNeill's "Celtic Classic" on SchottenRadio.

Marion has raised her own family on the love of music and now wants to share that love with all of you! Her experience and knowledge is endless, and something she has passed on to her children Fiona and Alison McNeill who make up part of the well known rock ceilidh band Reely Jiggered and you already know the lovely Fiona McNeill, whose show Celtic and Folk Fusions has a group of unique and avid listeners.
Marion will present her incredible knowledge of classic Celtic music along with her immeasurable charm and stories of days gone by. So tune in and be carried away by those pieces we’ve all grown to love and look out for a few surprises along the way!

MARION MCNEILL: I am so delighted to be asked to do more shows for SchottenRadio and overwhelmed by the number of listeners who want me back to present my Celtic Classics. I enjoy researching Scotland's beautiful songs and music that don't get played too often nowadays, so not only does it bring back good memories to SchottenRadio Listeners but it also brings back happy memories for me. I'd also like to say a great big "THANK YOU" to the wonderful Basil Wolfrhine for his help and encouragement, you the listeners and all at SchottenRadio . Enjoy the show!