Wednesday 9th April we broadcasted THE POOKAH & PICARD SPEZIAL. The guys were live at the studio in Spall for an interview and a lot of live tunes as well..It was a blast.

P00KAH & PICARD: That was a cracking show with you sir, Mister Basil Wolfrhine. We were more than pleased to be part of that whisky tasting - please delete that - .....we mean to be guest in hour not so dry hoose, you were a great hostage and your hostility speaks volumes.

Schottenradio, a part of Bonnie Old Scotland in midst Germany, erm sorry, Scoermany

Okay we try it in a more serious way: Hey Basil that was a cracking show. We muchly enjoyed our time in your castle, in your stoodio, in your Pub, and in your presence. You were a great host.

Cheers man, for your hospitality, for having us and for a great show. We'll be back!