Tina & Basil Wolfrhine visited the Ellmauer Steinkreis in Tyrol, Austria, just 30 minutes above the Wochenbrunner Alm lokated, with a total of 20 stones. They say, this stone circle forms a self-contained natural force field of energy in the form of a giant mandala. Sensitive people should usually find their compatible stone intuitively, sit on it savouring it as they begin to meditate. But even visitors who are not so accomplished should feel the force of the stones and of the mountain range Wilder Kaiser.

Basil listened to the wind and played a wee tune in this stunning landscape. Gradually, the local cows came up the mountain to their stomping ground, the cow bells played the powerful symphony of Tyrol mountains, and celebrated a clan gathering with their new, strange guests from a land far, far away. 

After the exploring, some of the stone circle's mysteries, Basil left thankful a armulet for the next generations!

Gaby and Alex joined the tour and took loads of amazing fotos.