Dear listeners,

we received many hundreds of emails of worried listeners. All are scared against this new virus and feel lonly or bored, or just have mental problems to be alone at home.

Well, we know, it is hard to cope with these strange times at the moment. There is a dangerous virus and we all have to stay at home to be safe and healthy. The whole world seems shut down and our usual life changed quite a lot. We can not travel, we can not have company, we can not enjoy a concert in public and even a shopping tour is not alowed. All we have to do, is, to face this virus covid-19 pandemie.

So far, so good, but a lot of people fears this invisible enymy and they really don't know what is right and what is wrong.

Not all of us are fighters, not all of us are heros and it is a huge challenge indeed, but dear listeners, allways you should remember, you are not alone, we all will fight together, shoulder on shoulder angainst this virus.

SchottenRadio works hard to entertain you, in these strange times. We broadcast our programmes on air 24/7 on 365 days. Around the clock, around the planet. Celtic musicans from around the world, give their best, to guide you through these hard times.

On the other hand SchottenTV present a lot of TV shows, travel reports and music videos of great musicans, to lead you for a wee moment, in a world without this Corona virus, you may watch on your telly, smart phone or computer. And the best, all for free!

We love to entertain you and wish you all the very best. Stay home, stay safe and healthy. You are not alone!

Last but not least, please give a loud applause for all the true heros of this strange times. A big hand to all the doctors, nurses, sellers, police officers, firefighters, lorry drivers and all helpful hands, who cares about us worldwide. You are our heros. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your daily work in these strange times.