Friday, Feburary 26th, 7pm UK time Basil presented on his show as the first radio presenter worldwide the latest productions by the scottish accordion wizzard Graham Geddes.

Graham and Basil invided to an amazing musical, romantic journey through Scottland.
GRAHAM GEDDES: Hi Basil ,It was so so special presenting some of my tunes on your show last night and I’m glad the schotten radio family are responding in such a wonderful way. Great stuff! That means so much to me.
The new EP entitled 'Your Next Visit' is nearly ready but I do have a question for the listeners. I have 6 new tracks but one of the tracks needs a title, maybe one listener could suggest a favourite place in Scotland that they love and if you pick the winning title I will call the tune that.
Again many thanks and looking forward to releasing the new tunes soon.
Best to all your radio family around the World
Graham Geddes