The Bear Cave is located near Rodalben in Germany. It is the largest natural rock cave in the Palatinate. The name of the bear cave is controversial among historians. They say the bear was the namesake of the cave and a clan of bears once lived there.

Tina & Basil Wolfrhine visited this cave and the spirit of the bears is still omnipresent.

The bear rock or also called the bear cave has been a striking rock formation since time immemorial, which has established itself as a "cave" in the consciousness and the language of the Rodalber citizens. The rock bands in the Langenbachtal, especially in the Bärenhöhle, hold water and thus act as source horizons, which is why the Bärenfels spring emerges in a layer joint above one of these. This small rock stream falls about 20 meters below the cave over another rock bank, which is deeper, into a basin lined with stones.

The forces of erosion, frost bursts and winds have created this natural monument over the millennia. With a lot of imagination, from the end of the cave, from the right, in a free rock spur protruding into the cave, you can discover the profile of an eagle's head.

According to recent studies, the first settlements took place around 8,000 years ago. This is also suggested by the finds of rock scrapers, arrowheads and bones with sharpened barbs.

Alex and Gaby joined the tour and took loads of amazing photos.